Bahia Principe Grand Tulum – Tulum - Mayan Riviera – Bahia Principe Grand Tulum All Inclusive Resort
Bahia Principe Grand Tulum
Resort Bahia Principe Grand Tulum
All Inclusive - Riviera Maya, Mexico
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Bahia Principe Grand Tulum

Bahia Principe Grand Tulum – All Inclusive - Tulum - Mayan Riviera

Bahia Principe Grand Tulum is surrounded by amazing natural landscapes, this hotel offers pools just steps from the beach, spacious rooms and a wide variety of dining options. Explore one of Mexico’s most culturally vibrant and naturally beautiful regions together with your friends, family or special someone.


At Bahia Principe Grand Tulum you can experience your own private oasis in the heart of Mexico. After an exciting day of adventures relax in the soothing atmosphere and ambiance of your own private room in paradise.


Explore Bahia Principe Grand Tulum

At Bahia Principe Grand Tulum you can relax and enjoy your time in the pool and beach, then pamper yourself in the spa. With its tantalizing tastes of Mexican cuisine, endless outdoor activities and awe-inspiring white sand beach, it's the perfect way to escape into a thrilling new world.


Bahia Principe Grand Tulum recreates Tulum, as part of a return to tradition, and other symbols of it such as masks, the union between gods and men, the pure jungle and its many species. Children will discover the Mayan civilization that surrounds them through archaeology, exploration, courage, curiosity and appreciation of the culture.


A show based on the origins of Mexican culture and identity, alluding to the traditions passed down generation to generation from our more than 60 native peoples.


The youngest family members can also enjoy their own place and have fun at the Kids Club. It features innovative activities like costume workshops, crafts, cooking, expeditions and children’s games.


Personalize your child’s vacation with things they will love from learning about nature to bumper cars and water slides.


A welcoming space representing the culture, architecture, nobility and the world of the Mayans. The lobby is the central axis of Bahia Principe Grand Tulum. It is full of symbols, but the most spectacular of all is the majestic column that dominates everything around it and is a symbol of welcome to all our visitors. The three “layers” or realms of the Mayan world are engraved on this column.

The Underworld: A watery place where souls went to purify themselves. This is represented in the column, at water level, by a priest who is making a journey of purification. He is accompanied by four guides who will facilitate the journey:

  • The Iguana: represents man’s connection to the earth.
  • The Monkey: between the earth and the celestial space.
  • The Parakeet: represents flight, the celestial space.
  • The Dog: the guardian of this peculiar expedition.
  • The Middleworld or Natural World: In the middle of the column there are three human figures representing life itself, and the three most significant aspects of life for the Mayans: Happiness, Knowledge, and Fear of the Gods. 
  • The Upperworld or Cosmos: The engraving of a serpent with two heads represents infinity, cosmic life.

Finally, and as a symbol of orientation, the palapa column emerges and at its end it has the four cardinal points engraved in Mayan ideograms.


The best range of activities and entertainment for the youngsters. ​ A space designed by and for them, where creativity and imagination are essential for interacting with the elements of the place and with others. ​ Areas with dynamic games, for resting and for interacting.


Discover new ways to unwind. Slip into a world of tranquility with treatments like the Mayan chocolate massage.


Discover the blue bottomed, lake-style pool that winds throughout Bahia Principe Grand Tulum. Bridges pass over the pool leading to vast terraces with lounge chairs and beautiful bamboo straw umbrellas to keep cool. While the adults relax, let the kids explore and conquer the water park and children’s pool with new friends from around the world.

Keep an eye out for the various activities throughout the day for all ages, and stay refreshed at the three all-inclusive poolside and swim up bars. For our fitness fans, join in on the Water Fitness classes, Water Polo, or try out scuba equipment in the pools all before relaxing in outdoor whirpool tub. Sit back and unwind as they offer the perfect mini-massage, spa escape surrounded by tropical gardens.


Discover a Caribbean paradise. Let your worries disappear behind the endless turquoise horizon. Bahia Principe Tulum: where that picture perfect day, views that never seem to reach the horizon, and a white sandy beach that goes on for miles and miles comes to life. We invite you to spend the day relaxing on our recliners nestled under straw umbrellas, take up a new water sport to explore the beautiful sea, or participate with the Eco-Bahia Foundation as you prepare the area for nesting sea turtles and releasing of the hatchlings. Find our spa specialists under the beach gazebos for an exclusive massage or adding some Caribbean braids to your holiday look.


Play 36 holes on a stunning course. Visit the nearby Riviera Maya Golf Club for an unforgettable day. Visiting golf aficionados will appreciate over 90 hectares of land at the Riviera Maya Golf Club designed by Robert Trent Jones II, the number one name is golf course architecture around the world. Offering an 18 holes and 9 hole course winding through Mayan jungle and sprinkled with cenotes and lakes, the course is made for players of all levels and a special discount for hotel clients with reservations.


The show must go on! ​The fantastic mise-en-scène of the Mayan performances and other events that take place in the amphitheatre is legendary. ​ Inspired by the garments and pigments used by the Mayan warriors, the ambiance creates great expectations about what is about to transpire on the stage.